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One of the puzzling things about long-term care insurance is the resistance people have to talking about it. When you think about other types of insurance, such as home insurance, the fact that you cannot afford to pay $400,000 to rebuild your house after a fire makes home insurance a necessity. Forget that your bank requires it, you would sooner make that insurance payment than eat dinner. There is an inherent understandimg that the risk of saving $1500 per year is not worth the chance that we might have to pay $400,000 for a complete loss. It's $1500 per year and makes perfect sense. The fact is, roughly 75% of us - yes, us - will need extended care at some point in our lives. What are the odds of your home burning down? Surely not 75% or the premium would be $300,000. This analogy should make the need clear. Insurance is about mitigating risk. The alternative is disastrous. Imagine for a moment spending every dollar that you've managed to save, just so the care could be covered? That's not a responsible move by any means. For those who have managed risk, sacrificed to be financially stable and independent, the decision to protect that independence is simple. Let the insurance carriers manage the risk so you can sleep knowing that the bases are covered.

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Long term care is a combination of services directed toward meeting the needs of someone who, due to reduced physical functioning and/or reduced intellectual functioning is unable to carry out every-day tasks without the help of another person. These services can be received at home, in the community or in a residential facility. Long Term Care insurance is not health insurance and agents specializing in long term care are waiting to assist you by providing proposals based on your needs. To learn more, please enter your zip code below, then click the request quotes button. If you were looking for traditional health insurance quotes, select individual or group from the menu below.

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