Insurance Leads & Insurance Sales Leads in All 50 States

Insurance Leads & Insurance Sales Leads in All 50 States


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Lead Generation Services for Insurance Agents & Brokers -
Insurance Sales Leads in All 50 States on 31 Lines of Insurance:

  • 17 P/C Commercial Lines, including: Commercial Auto, Contractors Liability, General Liability, BOP's, Commercial Property, Workers Compensation, etc.
  • Personal Lines: Auto, Home, Flood, Renters, Co-op, Condo, Townhouse, Boat, Motorcycle.
  • Life, Health and Annuity: DI, LTC, Life, Health, Group Health, Annuity and Med. Supp.

Serving the insurance community online since 1997!


  • 1. Integrity is first and foremost at

  • 2. We Understand Insurance. We're not just here to sell you insurance leads. We understand both ends of the business and can make suggestions and assist in ways ordinary marketers cannot.

  • 3. We do not sell insurance. We do not have a subsidiary that sells insurance. Our aim is to assist your agency and the consumers who have put their trust in us since 1997!

  • 4. The primary goal of in 1997 was to make a market in connecting consumers searching for insurance with professional insurance agents, brokers, MGA's and companies offering competitive products. Nearly 16 years later, we continue to succeed on both fronts through innovation and constantly heeding the suggestions of our clients. To wit- In addition to comprehensive filtering on 9 lines of insurance, we also offer exclusive leads and continually adjust our quote request forms to meet the needs of our clients and the changing landscape. In short, we ask, we listen and we change to meet your needs.

  • 5. Our prospects are searching for insurance now! We did not solicit them, offer them a free screensaver, nor pop up a sweepstakes ad. They searched for insurance, found our ad and made their way to you within seconds of submitting their data. Several hundred thousand consumers pass through our sites on a monthly basis on their own accord. That's the difference- they are soliciting your assistance, not the reverse.

  • 6. Competition is good; inundating the prospect is not. By limiting the distribution of our leads, the prospects satisfy their desire to receive competitive pricing from several companies while not being overwhelmed by an unlimited number of responses.

  • 7. Our agreement is fair and without hooks. You may cancel at any time via email or fax with just 7 days notice.

  • 8. You are in full control of your account - from the areas covered, to the number of leads per day, to the amount you spend per month. Filters, vacations, automatic billing- they have all been accounted for. Log in to see our pricing and/or enroll online.

  • 9. Leads are available as Shared and Exclusive. Shared leads are currently distributed to a maximum of four agents including you. Exclusive leads are distributed to only one agent. Of course, exclusive leads will cost a multiple of shared.

Presently, we offer 31 lead types- Annuities, Auto, Boat, 17 lines of commercial including: bonds, business interruption, business owner's, Commercial Auto, crime, general liability, package policies, property, contractors, directors and officers(D&O), EPL, E&O, Garagekeepers, intellectual property, professional liability and technology packages. Long-Term Disability, Flood, Home, Renters/Condo/Co-op, Individual and Family Health, Group Health, Life Insurance, Long-Term Care, Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance, Motorcycle, RV and Workers Compensation. The lead types below all offer high-level filter options allowing you to narrow down the prospects to exactly those you have the best opportunity of earning as clients.

  • **** Filtered Auto Insurance Leads Available! Filters include: currently insured, number of tickets, accidents and total incidents, age of drivers, sr-22, dui and more.
  • **** Filtered Disability Insurance Leads now Available! Filters include: Age, income, previous decline, medical conditions, hazardous occ. exclusion, federal employee, pilot delineation, etc..
  • **** Filtered Life Insurance Leads now Available! Filters include: Age, face amount, previous decline, medical conditions, product and tobacco use.
  • **** Filtered Individual Health Insurance Leads now Available! Filters include: Age, previous decline, conditions, pregnancy, self employment, current insurance status and more.
  • **** Filtered Home Insurance Leads now Available! Filters (over 50 of them!) include: Age of home, foundation, heating system, updates, whether canceled, lapsed or currently insured, dogs, reason for request, occupancy, # of families and more.
  • **** Filtered Renters insurance , Condo insurance, Co-op and Townhouse Insurance Leads now Available! Filters include: Number of families, occupancy- tenant, owner, number of families, construction, type of dwelling, number of claims, whether canceled, lapsed or currently insured, reason for request, # of families and more.
  • **** Filtered Motorcycle Insurance Leads now Available! Filters include: accidents, tickets, credit, have auto insurance, insured, age and more.
  • has been helping insurance agents, brokers, and companies expand their geographic marketing boundaries since 1997 by enabling them to reach consumers in all 50 states who are looking for quotes on any of 31 lines of insurance, including: Auto, Home, Renters, Condo & Co-op, Flood, Motorcycle, Life, Individual Health, Group Health, Annuities, Long Term Care, Boat, Commercial Auto, and Workmen's Compensation. 

    How can we help? is a lead generation firm that operates on a very simple premise- we generate leads in the areas you specify and you pay for those leads. (full details available here) How do we generate the leads? We advertise extensively online and you are probably here because of a search you did to locate insurance leads or a type of insurance quote. Several hundred thousand consumers pass through our sites on a monthly basis on their own accord. That's the difference- they are soliciting your assistance, not the reverse. Most importantly- we are not agents and do not compete with you or skim leads.

    Is our program successful? With thousands of insurance agencies nationwide utilizing our service since 1997, we'd say so. Does it work for every one? No. If you are limited to a very narrow demographic or small geographic area, such as the three small towns around your agency, our program will not work for you. Those who limit themselves such areas will never realize the potential of the internet as the incredible marketing medium it is. If you are able to market to a reasonable area with a demographic that supports the lead types you've selected, large area, then you've come to the right place.

    What we can tell you is that many of the agencies that enrolled in the "early days" of 1997 and 1998 are still with us. In internet terms, that's forever!  The next step? To view the details of our system, such as price-per-lead, availability, filters, distribution methods, etc., you will need to log into our agency enrollment area. Click here to get started.  

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