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Insurance Quotes & Insurance Rates in all 50 States.
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Welcome to, where completing one insurance quote request form enables you to receive rates from multiple companies simultaneously! If you're like millions of Americans, you are wondering where you can find affordable insurance rates and seek quotes from companies offering lower, more competitive premiums. Well, you've come to the right place. Instant quotes are now available in all 50 states from top carriers and this site offers the ability to match your request with insurance agents, companies and brokers instantly. Whether it be home insurance, car insurance, motorcycle insurance, quotes for your business, health, disability insurance or any of the other 18 types of quotes, you're in the right place. To locate insurance agents, brokers, and/or companies offering free insurance quotes in your state on 18+ types of insurance, please use the menu below as millions have since 1997. As the name implies, comparing rate quotes on insurance is free!

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Best Car Insurance?

Which insurance company offers the cheapest or lowest prices on car insurance? That varies by state, age, driving record and many other factors. No one company can be the best at everything. The key is to find an insurance company that can provide YOU with the coverage you need at an affordable price. Visit our insurance shopping tips page to keep from making a poor decision based solely on price.


Please consider the following before you do: This whole craze about naming your price should not have extended to something as important as insurance. This is not a commodity like an airline ticket and you, as a layman, have no business making a decision on insurance coverages to save $12 a year. What are you losing for that $12? Let's say that you choose $100,000 in personal liability instead of $300,000 and that saves you $12. Then you have a claim where your dog bites a guest. Was $12 a fair trade for $200,000 less in coverage? I don't believe so! Please don't trade away coverages for pennies. Take the time to understand what each is and make an educated decision. Then, negotiate based on the appropriate level of coverage. Have your agent explain this as he would when speaking to a friend. Don't be afraid to speak up and ask for explanations. Insurance, like most professions, has its own language at times.

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